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The things I like about the course

April 26, 2010

I like this course because is not only about grammar, its content is very interesting.    I will mention the top 5 things I like about the course

1) dramatizations- I like to act, so this is an excellent way for teamwork and to interpret a great English drama.

2) themes- I like the variety of themes.  The themes are very interesting because it discuss things that happen today.  Some are: power, rape, fantasies death, etc.

3) poetry- It is interesting to read poetry about interesting themes.  We can know how the author of the poem thinks and how they want the world to interpret it.

4) analysis- It is important to understand what we read because then we can have a great understanding on what the author wants to communicate.

5) writing- When we understand what we read then is time to write the application of that.  It is important to bring what we read to reality and with vivid examples.