The things I like about the course

April 26, 2010

I like this course because is not only about grammar, its content is very interesting.    I will mention the top 5 things I like about the course

1) dramatizations- I like to act, so this is an excellent way for teamwork and to interpret a great English drama.

2) themes- I like the variety of themes.  The themes are very interesting because it discuss things that happen today.  Some are: power, rape, fantasies death, etc.

3) poetry- It is interesting to read poetry about interesting themes.  We can know how the author of the poem thinks and how they want the world to interpret it.

4) analysis- It is important to understand what we read because then we can have a great understanding on what the author wants to communicate.

5) writing- When we understand what we read then is time to write the application of that.  It is important to bring what we read to reality and with vivid examples.


Who I am not

March 27, 2010

I will tell you how I am not. To start I will mention different qualities that are related to each other: lies, infidelity, selfishness, greed. I do not like lying, I always like to tell the truth. That goes in the professional and personal life. For example, I don’t like to steal time and resources when working with a company, when I visit a place, and so on. I’m not unfaithful. When I say I’ll do something, I do. No matter the problems that may occur. So I always try to meet with my words and actions. I’m also not selfish. I consider people to be very important, so I look at their concerns, to help them. Nor am I greedy. I know money is useful, but brings many problems.

Other qualities that don’t describe me are: problematic, rude, proud and unjust. I am not problematic. The shouts, insults … I do not like the hate. So rather than eat a person when a problem arises, I try to solve it without giving offense. I’m not rude or violent. I’m not proud, I feel humble. I know that one can get to do things, but I also recognize my limitations. When I fail I try to fix something fast, and learn from them. Finding a solution.  I am not unjust to others.  I always try to behave well with others.  Do not despise people because they are rich or poor, black or white, Arabic or English.

I am not serious, or messy.  I am not serious.  I like giving and receiving happiness.  I’m not messy.  I like order in moderation.  Because that’s the basis for achieving the tasks you want to accomplish.  Without the order, one would be lost and would lose much of their life.  For example, if there were no agendas, or anything like that, we would be disorganized and disoriented all the time.

The world in the next 10 years

February 25, 2010

In the next 10 years I see the world with more problems. The supplies will be more expensive.   Today, we see the tendencies in the price of milk, light, water, etc.  The technology will be more advanced, but it can bring health problems. Technology affects health in various ways.  The computer saves us much time and effort. But, back pain, vision problems it causes us harms our health. The world will be surrounded by violent people, worse than now. The wars will multiply.  There will be no security, because there may be more robberies, more murders, and more rapes. You do not have nearly alone. All that is knowable, by what we see today in society, more and more families are broken, for the murder. More people die from earthquakes, wars, etc.  People no longer give the good morning, do not thank, and not borrow, but steal. People will continue to steal the hours of work doing other things instead of doing their jobs. This is what I see in the coming years.

English poem

January 24, 2010

I have an eye to see the fire of the nature

I have the mind to imagine the future

The animals respect his leader

The stars respect the universe